• Vibro shifter work on gyro principle.
  • The complete vibrating assembly is isolated from the base by means of specially designed rugged springs.
  • Motor is fitted with top & bottom eccentric weights designed as per required centrifugal force.
  • This whole assembly is covered by SS plate.
  • The deck hopper is fabricated from SS 316L.
  • The machine inner & outer surfaces are mirror polished.


  • cGMP Model with contact part in SS 316, & Non contact part in SS 304.
  • Amplitude of Vibratory Motion adjustable through moveable eccentric weight.
  • SS 316 Hood with dust free charging of powders.
  • The machine can easily be dismantled, cleaned & assemble through quick opening SS 316 clamps.
  • Finish: Inside  – 0.3 Ra. Mirror polish.
  •         Outside  – 0.3 Ra. Mirror polish.
  • Dust free docking station for loading and Unloading.
  • Silicon Bonded integrated for all safety.


  • 50 Kgs. – 2000 KGS per hour.
  • Mesh size(Inches):- 12,20,24,30,36,48,60,72,108