Tablet Thickness Sorter


  • High precision, thickness sorting accuracy sleeplessly adjustable up to 2/14 mm.
  • Adjustment of sorting channel manually or automatically by servo motors.
  • PLC system with touch screen control for users’ friendly operation.
  • Password based security system for three different access levels.
  • Recipe based memory for ease of repeated use.
  • Easy to clean – dimple maintenance – no hidden corners.
  • Open design to avoid cross contamination.
  • Redesign discharge chute for easy inline integration for good product.
  • Silent operation with smooth starting device.


  • The hopper to be fed manually. Cover is Provided to prevent accumulation of dust inside hopper, when not in use or foreign particle during process & hence is recommended to keep placed, except during feeding tablets.
  • Vibration amplitude is adjustable to control the feeding rate of tablets to the sorting channels.
  • Guides are provided on feeding track to divert tablets to each channel evenly.
  • There is no need for adjustment in the drive assembly during adjusting the distance between the roller of each sorting channels.


Feature Details
- Model TTS - 5
- Capacity (Kg/Hr) Up to 70 Kg/Hr (Depend upon the product)